Lack of energy is increasingly common, but that doesn’t mean it’s normal!

I work with people who are in despair because their ongoing lack of energy so greatly affects their lives.  It’s not only a problem with functioning in daily life, but finding they don’t even have energy to do the fun stuff that’s important to them. 

Do you wonder where all your energy has gone?  You’re not running marathons so why do you feel so exhausted?! After a good night’s sleep you should feel full of energy, surely – so why do you still feel tired?  Do you depend on sugar or caffeine to get you through the day? Are you thinking that having less energy is natural as you get older? So maybe you shouldn’t complain, maybe it’s normal!?  Do you feel like you “just have to get on with it”?

Being common is not the same as being normal, whatever your age!  There are many people well into their 80s who still have plenty of energy!

Your problem with lack of energy, fatigue, energy crashes, exhaustion (wherever you are on the scale) began somewhere, there is something causing it, so a bit of detective work is often needed to get to the root cause of your particular problem.  On the other hand your fatigue may be following from a recent illness, disease or surgery, so you know the cause but just can’t seem to get back to your usual level of energy.  Whatever the cause, it’s amazing what differences can be made with a change in diet, so never underestimate the power of food! 

If you’d like to work with me on this, I’d love to join you in finding out what can help to regain your energy, vitality, pizzazz – whatever you want to call it!  Let’s start working on putting the oomph back in your life!

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Healthy ageing – lack of energy doesn’t always come with ageing! You can influence the way you age! 

I work with many people suffering with common health problems which may impact on our health as we age.  There’s often a tendency to accept these as a normal part of ageing, but we don’t need to accept them as normal, or inevitable, because there’s so much we can do to improve our health through food, by giving our bodies the ingredients they need to maintain good health and vitality.  

Here are some common examples:

Lack of energy, exhaustion or chronic fatigue

Slow recovery from illness or surgery

Acid reflux, indigestion, IBS and other digestive disorders

Low immune defence, frequent infections

Arthritis/stiff and painful joints, inflammatory conditions

Diabetes or pre-diabetic states

Accepting these as normal, or inevitable, can begin the slippery slope to poor health!  The right nutrition can make a huge difference to the way you feel.  Through personalised consultations I will provide practical solutions planned especially for your needs and your lifestyle.

We all need to bear these six fundamentals in mind so we can benefit from the wealth of good health as we age:

  • Strengthen your gut with the future in mind – you need to absorb the food you eat, otherwise you won’t benefit from the nutrients which affect all aspects of health.
  • Feed your brain – our brains are largely composed of fat, so we need to eat the right kinds of fats and other nutrients to keep alert and avoid dementia.
  • Support your immune system so you are less likely to succumb to illness and you’re more likely to bounce back from illness more quickly.
  • Eat to keep your joints healthy, to avoid aches and pains and to enjoy an active lifestyle.
  • Over-eating sugar isn’t only about avoiding Diabetes, sugar is detrimental in lots of ways because it prevents our cells from working properly.
  • Detoxifying efficiently is vital to good health – think about how your kitchen would be if you didn’t regularly empty your bin! We need to support our bodies in clearing out the rubbish!

How do we decide what to eat to keep our energy and vitality as we age?

I’m Deborah Lacey, a Registered Nutritional Therapist.  If you’d like to work with me, I’ll analyse your diet and lifestyle habits to provide you with a safe, well balanced, individualised programme to suit your unique health requirements and fit in with your daily routines, with plenty of support from me along the way.  I’d especially like to emphasise that this is not about “going on a diet”, but embracing the positive benefits of some foods and combinations that are easy to prepare, taste great, and are specifically chosen to benefit you by addressing your particular concerns to optimise your health and wellbeing.

Promoting a healthy immune system and helping to bounce back from illness

Balancing sugar consumption to help improve energy levels

Supporting natural detoxification to help increase energy and vitality

Ensuring you are doing all you can to age healthily and tackle age-related disorders






Consultations & Charges