What to expect from your consultation

Our initial consultation will last for one and a half hours and will include detailed analysis of your diet and history of your health.  This is important because something that happened a long time ago may still have an impact on your health today.  Knowledge of your current and past dietary and lifestyle habits will be helpful in building a picture of your health at the present time.

Together we will discuss my recommendations and build your personalised programme to fit into your daily routines

When you book your appointment I will send you the Dietary and Lifestyle Questionnaire.  It will be helpful if you can complete and return this prior to your appointment so that I can prepare for your consultation, thereby enabling us to use the time to the best advantage.

A second consultation, lasting an hour, would be beneficial after four weeks

This will provide the opportunity of discussing what went well for you and what aspects you found more challenging, and we can adjust your programme accordingly. It can be difficult to make diet and lifestyle changes that may follow many years of ingrained habits, and therefore you may find support during this period is very helpful to you.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like a free 15 minute chat before booking your first appointment.

Further follow up appointments will be considered depending on each client’s needs and preferences.


Initial consultation

including a comprehensive written summary of recommendations

One hour and 30 minutes


All subsequent appointments

including comprehensive written summaries

One hour


Initial and follow-up appointments

including a comprehensive written summary

Booked together (non-refundable and follow-up needs to be within 4 months of initial appointment)