Corporate Programme

Many businesses are now offering wellbeing programmes for their staff in order to improve their knowledge of how to achieve and maintain good health and incorporate preventative measures into daily routines, rather than progressing until someone is ill which may involve repeated or long term sickness absence.  This of course can be distressing and inconvenient to the employee and employer as well as other colleagues who are called upon to cover the workload.

Deborah offers a range of talks which are informative about many common health concerns, helping to dispel myths and provide clear and useful guidance. It can be difficult for individuals to navigate their way through all the food advice from the media and this is an area where one size most definitely does not fit all.  As well as covering the dietary association with many common modern day health concerns, these talks can be tailored to suit the requirements of specific businesses. For example, if there is a large element of manual work or sedentary work, or a high degree of stress on employees due to the kind of work involved.

Please contact Deborah for further details if you are interested in organising a talk within the workplace.

Talks for the interested public

The range of talks outlined above would also be highly relevant to members of the general public and Deborah will also organise talks in the local area that are open to all.

Just some of the topics included

  • How to achieve and maintain blood sugar balance (and why you need to)
  • The modern Western diet and its association with IBS-type problems
  • Fatigue and the 21st century lifestyle
  • Understanding fats and their importance within the diet
  • Heart health and hypertension
  • Painful joints and inflammatory conditions