Nutritional Therapy is a personalised approach that incorporates the use of nutrition to support you as a unique individual in achieving your potential in terms of good health, vitality and wellbeing. We’d look to identify nutritional imbalances by considering your particular symptoms and health concerns, and support you in promoting and maintaining good health by devising a personalised programme of nutrition. Whilst similarities do exist, each individual’s body and lifestyle is unique and therefore their individualised programme will require a different emphasis.

We are frequently bombarded by the media about what foods are good or bad for us, but we are all different and what suits one person may be completely wrong for another.

Nutritional Therapy is complementary, as opposed to alternative, and can work alongside traditional medical advice. Fresh Horizons Nutrition will not contradict or dissuade clients from following the advice of their medical practitioner, but offer a supportive programme with a nutritional focus which may involve dietary adjustments, specific food recommendations, supplements and lifestyle changes. Various tests may sometimes be recommended to investigate nutrient deficiencies, for example.

Clients may be assured that the consultation will be fully confidential and no information held will be released to third parties without the permission of the client, or unless there was a legal obligation to do so. Deborah is a member of the British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine and is bound by their code of conduct and ethical practice.

Examples of where Nutritional Therapy may be of help

    • Promoting a healthy immune system so you are less likely to succumb to illness, or more likely to bounce back quicker
    • Improving energy levels and vitality including advice on exhaustion and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
    • Supporting natural detoxification to help increase energy and vitality
    • Healthy ageing and addressing age-related conditions, e.g. acid reflux, indigestion, high blood pressure
    • Cardiovascular disease and heart health
    • Osteoporosis/osteopenia
    • Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
    • Arthritis/stiff and painful joints, inflammatory conditions
    • Support in recuperation after illness or surgery
    • Aiding digestive function and understanding how best to alleviate Irritable Bowel Syndrome and symptoms of chronic digestive disorders
    • Management of how our bodies process sugar, and protection against Type 2 Diabetes and pre-diabetic states
    • Insomnia